Prenatal Aquagym in Haren

Prenatal aquagym starts with our new partner Guénaëlle Moeneclaey!

Midwife for more than 19 years at the hospital of Ixelles, has organised in parallel to this work prenatal water aerobics classes for more than 9 years.

She followed the "De Pelseneer" training as well as the "Prenatal Aquagym" training provided by the UPsfB (Professional Union of Belgian Midwives).

As part of these water aerobics classes, she will accompany you in your pregnancy by offering you a special moment to relax and strengthen your physical condition in preparation for delivery. She will answer any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, your health, the actual birth or the future of your child.

How ?

The course consists of 3 parts:

1. The water aerobics (40 min)

The exercises proposed are adapted to the pregnancy.

Immersed to the shoulders, you weigh only 10% of your weight in the water. This allows you to perform movements that you could not perform outside of it.

In addition, water at 32 ° C prevents possible risks of muscle tearing or pressure on the joints. It also has a similar effect to lymphatic drainage and therefore has a beneficial effect on fluid retention and heavy legs.

2. Preparation for childbirth (10 min)

Each week, alternately, Guénaëlle will work with you on the breathing techniques to use during the contractions or the pushes of expulsion. The goal is that they become an automatism on the day of delivery. This will also allow your partner to take his place with you.

This preparation can also serve you to gain confidence in yourself which will be positive on D-Day.

3. Relaxation (10 min)

The session ends with a moment of intense relaxation where you can feel what your baby can do with flotation.

Each session entitles you to a refund of your mutual. Some mutuals provide additional reimbursement.

Where ?

Pool The Dauphin in Haren Thursdays at 18h.

Interested? Contact Guénaëlle

By email :

By phone : +32 473 49 43 20‬

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