Holiday Day Camps for children

Our day camps welcome children from 3 to 14 years old during the Belgian school holidays in various sporty, artistic or cultural activities.

Spread out in small groups by age , children can thrive and develop in a nice mood by opting for a day camp at the « Le Têtard » School.

Designed in accordance with our motto: Fun, Learning and Activity ; Our day camps are planned to ensure that children develop new skills that they can then practice in a selected activity to anchor this learning by having fun. Games and surprise gifts are also planned to make sure that every child is satisfied by his week.

As regards childcare and organization , parents will be delighted to discover that our camps offer an optimal comfort solution with a free childcare and all the usual advantages 'Le Têtard' school (online reservation of lessons/camps, mutual and tax certificates, cashless payment by bank transfer ...).

Whether it is for toddlers or for the older ones, Le Têtard camps are the guarantee of an optimal quality of care for weeks rich in discoveries, always with a smile on the lips !

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Medical form

The person(s) in charge of the child is(are) obliged to provide us with all the necessary information concerning the possible special attention to be given to the child's health.

You can download and complete the medical form by clicking here and bring it on the 1st day of camp or you can if necessary complete it on the first day of the camp.

In the backpack

For meals, children must have full picnic, snacks and at least one drink . Drinking water is usually available at camp venues. Please note that meals are not kept in the fridge.

For the little ones, you can optionally add a blanket for the nap, a cuddly item, a teat, a spare clothes...

Dress code & Protection

Depending on the chosen camp, adequate clothing is to be planned.

For any activity with a sport component , it is necessary that the participant is comfortable in his clothes and that these allow him a certain flexibility and agility. In addition, the wearing of sports shoes with "non-marking" soles is necessary.

For artistic camps and camps for the little ones , it is better to plan to bring a used apron or t-shirt to avoid minor accidents on pretty clothes.

During the summer months it is necessary for the children to put on sunscreen, to wear a hat and to bring a bottle of water.

In bad weather conditions , outdoor activities are maintained and require adequate clothing.

Finally, for activities at risk (bicycle, skates ...), it is required to provide a helmet whose port will of course be mandatory.


Parents will be delighted to discover that our camps offer an optimal comfort solution with a a free childcare from 7:45 AM to 9:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

As always, everything is included in the school "Le Têtard"!

If a person other than a parent is coming to take away a child , a child caregiver is asked to report it orally to the reception table, by the customer account, by e-mail or by telephone.


A participation / payment certificate is issued automatically after the camp via the customer account and via e-mail.

This certificate allows you to benefit each year from € 100 reduction per child via your Belgian mutual and / or via a tax deduction.

If you would like us to complete a specific attestation, you can send us the document by:

  • e-mail :
  • mail: Ecole Le Têtard, Chaussée de Bruxelles, 323A bte 12 – 1410 Waterloo

Lost & found

Lost items are available and can be retrieved on the camp spot during the activity periods.

In case of loss, you can inform us about it via our contact form.

All lost items that are not recovered within 2 months after the loss will be handed over to a charity.

All out-of-school camps are currently offered as a week-long module , excluding holidays, whose days are divided as follows:

  • 7.45 AM to 9.00 AM - Children’s arrival and free supervised childcare
  • 9.00 AM until 10h20 - Beginning of activities (1)
  • 10.20 AM until 10.50 - Snack and play time
  • 10.50 AM until Noon -Activities (2)
  • Noon until 1.00 PM - Meal and play time
  • 1.00 PM until 2.20 PM - Activities (3)
  • 2.20 PM until 2.50 PM - Snack and play time
  • 2.50 PM until 4.00 PM - End of activities for the day (4)
  • 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm - Parents' arrival and free supervised childcare

For each camp, a weekly "activity chart » divides every day into 4 activity rounds .

This chart is always displayed on the spot and aims to ensure that every day is as interesting, balanced and fun as possible.

Moreover, this allows each week to be different while always respecting our learning objective!

Each of the 4 planned activities per day is designed in 3 blocks* to benefit from a clever mix of learning and fun:

1) Learning a New Skill
For example: Handling a hockey stick (sport) || Learning a drawing technique (art).

2) Practice exercising this skill
Exchanging passes with a partner and shooting on goal (sport) || Draw a shape that combines different brush strokes (art).

3) Directed game to anchor the acquired skill by having fun
Timed obstacle challenge, mini game, adaptated animation games … (sport) || Decorate a themed craft with this new technique (art).

* Note that cultural and outdoor activities may deviate from this rule given their nature (visit to an amusement park, museum, excursion by mountain bike ...). Similarly, relaxation activities such as a nap (for the little ones) or reading stories are obviously not the object of a specific learning objective.

Select one of the locations listed below to view its lessons information, activities and schedules

0 available locations for the pole "Holiday Day Camps for children"