The Philosophy of Le Têtard

« Le Têtard School » idea is born from its founder, Nicolas Vankerkem , to offer a service of the highest quality for all aquatic fans, regarding sporting and artistic activities.

The first and main mission of Le Têtard is the swimming school, offering a relevant learning of swimming for children and adults of any level.

Based on its success with clients, it has diversified to offer Baby Swimming lessons, Aquatic Fitness activities , as well as Sporty and/or Artistic day camps during the holidays .

Since its creation in 2011, Le Têtard has laid the foundations of its corporate culture.

What makes us different from other « « similar » » offers?

At Le Têtard, we strongly believe that certain core values can really make a difference for the customer exprience but also for every employee.

Indeed, what is better than to know with certainty that everyone: pupils, teachers and other collaborators, all work together with the same goal, with the same objective of quality and fun?

Ensuring the best customer experience remains the center of interest of "Le Têtard", which therefore articulates all its lessons around 4 main values that you will find below in details.

What are our values?

  1. Quality : Total Priority to the customer experience

    The quality of customer care is a priority to Le Têtard philosophy!
    Indeed, we believe it is essential to make sure that a true bond is created between pupils and teachers so that our passions of sport, art and water are shared in the best conditions.

    To do this, we select only teachers/animators capable of being as motivated and sympathetic as competent.

    But we do not stop there!
    Le Têtard offers lessons with a limited number of participants (depending on the activity type) to ensure that every participant receives a personalized treament .
    In short, Le Têtard’s lessons are designed to ensure an optimal experience for every customer, child or adult!

  2. Methodology : Science and know-how serving our customers

    All of Le Têtard’s activities are initially rooted in a very strong theoretical basis.

    We believe that it is essential to offer our pupils the best in terms of learning.
    To achieve this goal, we collaborate with qualified teachers and competent official organisms around a common methodology .
    With this rigor, we make sure every pupil have access to the same quality of learning , regardless of their teacher.

    This is the TETARD method !

    Furthermore, we are convinced that improvement is an ongoing process.
    We therefore organize regular meetings with our teachers to analyze together the latest advances in the techniques we teach in order to improve our methodology and guarantee state-of-the-art learning .
  3. Honesty : Transparent prices, no surprises or hassles

    Too often, we witness cheap services, which are not very efficients and which often hide supplements or do not cover the real needs of pupils.

    At Le Tetard, our philosophy is to offer the best price for all-inclusive services provided.

    This implies that our prices are "  all included  ": online customer account, pool entrance fees, insurance, personal evaluations, patents and medals, end of camp gifts,…

    A peace of mind that shows our willingness to consider customers as we consider our friends.
  4. Efficiency : Customer service always available and infrastructure designed for customers

    Any question deserves an answer! This is another cornerstone of Le Têtard philosophy !

    Le Têtard’s website has been designed and created from nothing around and at the service of the customer.
    Through this site, it is possible to be informed, to compare and to book courses for yourself or for others.

    The objective of this site is to enable customers to keep vigil and compose their own « Le Têtard experience » .
    Happy but never satisfied, we work hard daily to improve the website and add functions for your comfort.

    For those who prefer direct contact, our customer service phone and e-mail answers all your questions and helps you to select the offer that best suits you.
    Our collaborators put all their energy into ensuring answers as soon as possible in order to put the customer's needs at the center of their thinking.

    Recently, Le Têtard is also present on social networks (Facebook, Google + et Twitter) as well as via a newsletter in order to keep you informed about news and promotions.

We thank you for your loyalty
Le Têtard Team.